As a core element of many industrial conversion processes, heat exchangers are used to heat an cool material streams. The heat exchangers we build use a combination of physical effects (convection, heat conduction and heat radation) in order to create the most efficient heat transfer between two fluids. In addition to thermodynamic design of the heat exchangers, customer-specific requirements for practical use must also be taken into account. The following aspects should therefore be taken into account as early as the engineering phase:

  • Consideration of part-load performance
  • Position of installation (horizontal, vertical)
  • Cleaning option (cleaning openings, pipe geometry)
  • Installation of cleaning devices (nozzles, etc.)
  • Improvement of the corrosion resistance
  • Consideration of special customer requirements
  • Mechanical designg (over- & under pressure, temperature, vibration, etc.)
  • output- and surface reserve in compensation for fouling

The right combination of process engineering know-how and manufacturing experience is essential for proper manufacture and is one of our core competencies.