The Heger family is growing - three apprentices started their apprenticeship

n the fall of 2022, three apprentices started their professional life. Two boys and one girl can call themselves employees of the local company for the past few months.  In their apprenticeships in metal construction technology and office management, the young people learn a variety of skills. With a solid basic training, interesting projects and a deep insight into the practice we try to prepare our apprentices optimally for their professional life. The training is holistic and covers all areas from turning, milling, hydraulics, pneumatics and welding to organizational and administrative activities, order processing, accounting and marketing. The company currently employs eight apprentices. We attach great importance to a targeted and good introduction to the profession to be learned, according to the managing directors Dipl.- Ing. Robert Pretzl, Alexander Schauer and Ing. Bernd Wernbacher. In addition to the technical qualifications, our apprentices are also promoted in the area of social competence and further development of their own personality. In addition, regular company outings and events are organized to facilitate integration into the team. 



[Translate to English:] Foto: v.l.n.r. Geschäftsführer Dipl.-Ing. Robert Pretzl, Lehrlinge: Alexander Jungwirth, Manuela Meindl, Simon Aschenberger, Geschäftsführung Ing. Bernd Wernbacher, Geschäftsführung Alexander Schauer