Heat recovery system for heat treatment furnance

Heat recovery system for heat treatment furnance for cast parts (2.174 Nm³/h at 497°C)

Exhaust gases from four different heat treatment furnances for cast parts are each cooled in a heat recovery system from HEGER. The energy released in the process is fed into the system´s internal hot water network or any excess is fed into the local district heating network.

A speed-controlled fan is installed after the heat exchanger to overcome the pressure loss on the exhaust gas side. The speed regulation takes place in such way that the optimum is extraceted from the exhaust gas, taking into account the internal requierements of the system. If the heat cannot be used, the flue gas flows directly into the chimney via the bypass.

Key data:

  • 4 heat recovery systems
  • ECONOMISER with tubes made of stainless steel 1.4571
    Heat output ECO 360 kW (exhaust gas temp. 500°C, 70°RT)
  • Housing parts made of heat-resistant stainless steel 1.4828
  • Connection to the existing flue gas system, flue gas fan
    Raw gas- and clean gas flaps, steel construction
  • Engineering (procedural layout & design)
  • Isolation 
  • Freestanding stainless steel fireplase
  • Assembly delivery
  • Safety devices for evaluation via PLC
  • Control cabinet, remote maintenance
  • Startup
  • Place of installation: AUSTRIA